On this page, you'll find a description of the wide array of services our practice offers. More importantly, we know it isn't just what we offer, but how we offer it.

You can count on our chiropractic professionals at Lemont Chiropractic Center to possess the knowledge, expertise, and caring attitude, which will satisfy all your individual needs.

We use the following treatment methods:

Spinal or extremity adjustment (manipulation) (to restore normal joint motion (subluxation), decompress discs, and reduce nerve pressure). We utilize diversified and/or Cox flexion-distraction techniques as well as spinal mobilization ( for those afraid of the cracking sound)

Soft tissue massage and manipulation trigger point therapy and acupressure (to help relax tight and painful muscles ligaments and fascia, break up adhesions and increase blood and lymph flow).

Ultrasound (Ultrasound can help increase the rate of tissue repair and wound healing, increase blood flow, increase tissue relaxation, increase tissue extensibility, Help breakdown adhesions, and scar tissue, reduce pain, and decrease muscle spasm, reduce swelling and inflammation).

Electrical stimulation (aids in controlling acute and chronic pain, reducing inflammation, reducing muscle spasm, reducing joint contractures, inhibiting muscle spasm, minimizing disuse atrophy, strengthening muscle, and facilitating tissue healing).

Interferential stimulation ( a deep penetrating electrical current. It is used to increase blood flow, and decrease swelling and inflammation, which aids in the healing of damaged tissue. It also helps relieve pain, and relax muscle spasms. Due to its medium frequency, it is a more comfortable form of electrical stimulation, and deeper penetrating.)

Electro-acupressure (a technique used to stimulate traditional acupuncture points using mini electrical pulses for short periods of time instead of using needles. Electricity creates a radiating effect. This application can be incorporated into your therapy as a localized pain reliever, or utilized in the stimulation of various points used in the treatment of different conditions, similar to traditional acupuncture without puncturing the skin.)

Hot and/or cold packs (The primary effects of moist heat therapy include muscular relaxation, decreased pain, increased cell metabolism, and increased blood flow. Cold is primarily used to reduce inflammation. It is also used to decrease pain and muscle spasm).

Custom orthotics, shoes, and sandals (to stabilize the feet and spine). We have a state-of-the-art foot scanner that eliminates the need for casting.

X-ray We no longer take our own x-rays. Advanced technology has decreased radiation exposure, and we feel your health and safety is more important than a little inconvenience. If x-rays are necessary, we send you to Advocate Good Samaritan outpatient center on 127th street in Lemont. Qualified radiologic technologists will perform your exam, and send you back with your films or CD for my review. Your exam will also be reviewed by a radiologist, who then sends us his report. Every patient does not require x-rays, we utilize x-ray only when your condition warrants their use.

MRI Available with our prescription through many convenient facilities.

Laboratory services Available with our prescription through Quest diagnostic.

All therapy is tailored to the patient's specific condition and not all therapeutic procedures are used on every patient.