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Heather N.

I suppose saying that Dr. Michalowski has treated me on and off since I was 17, might sound like a bad thing. I assure you, it is not. My treatments began during High School when an over-zealous softball coach, that I did not want to disappoint, suggested joining a batting league pre-season. My lower back did not take kindly to all the swinging, nor practices running up and down concrete stairs and throwing from the outfield to home base. Dr. Michalowski was able to work out the kinks and get me feeling fine for my Senior season.

I have been involved in several accidents, the first when I was 18, which resulted in affecting my neck. Dr. Michalowski has been able to work with me on trying different techniques, exercises and pillows, to correct my stubborn neck. Currently, I’m sort of on a ‘monthly maintenance’ visit.

Dr. Michalowski is easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say. In 2003, I shared with him that I was having difficulty trying to conceive, he suggested adding acupressure to my course of treatment. The pressure points addressed were specifically to assist in fertility. My first child, a daughter, was born in December, 2004. I truly believe that adding the acupressure, along with my chiropractic treatment assisted in my conceiving.

My opinion of Dr. Michalowski is that he is professional, but laid back enough to make anyone feel comfortable. I love his type of treatment. I am not just thrown on a machine, manipulated and ‘pushed’ out the door. Time and care is taken with each visit. I think what I like most about his type of treatment provided, is that machines don’t work out the muscles for him. He’s hands on and can feel where you are tight or kinked, or miserable and work it out manually. I have never hesitated to recommend Dr. Michalowski to anyone who is in need of chiropractic services.

Dawn N.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gary at Lemont Chiropractic Center for many years with different back, neck and wrist conditions. His treatments have always been very helpful, and therapeutic, and I always end up being pain free.

I broke my wrists when I was younger, and they would lock up preventing me from using my hands. Every doctor I saw just gave me braces and time off work, not solving the problem, and severely limiting my everyday life. My parents made me an appointment with Dr. Gary, and his treatments prevent my wrists from locking up.

I am a truck driver and this involves heavy lifting, pushing and pulling, and on several occasions my back has given out. With the care Dr. Gary has provided, I recover quickly, and do not need pain medications which would prevent me from doing my job.

I have recommended Dr. Gary too many friends and relatives, and I recommend him to anyone who has problems, aches or pains in their muscles, bones or joints. I am now pregnant and plan to see Dr. Gary through my pregnancy.

I have been very grateful for Dr. Gary, he has helped me and many other people stay healthy and walking straight. I hope he stays around for many more years to come. Take it from me, before trying a pain specialist, or surgery, try Dr. Gary, who will listen and try different therapies to keep you from the knife.

JoAnne W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Michalowski for the past several years.  He began treating me when I was having pain from a compressed disc.  While I eventually needed surgery to repair this disc, the months beforehand were made endurable because of Dr. Michalowski’s care.  He always patiently explained to me the reasons I was feeling the pain and what he was dong to try to alleviate the pain.  Throughout this ordeal, I always felt assured that Dr. Michalowski was understanding of the physical condition and was capable to help me find relief.  Fortunately, the surgery did correct the problem.  I now see Dr. Michalowski more for “maintenance” to keep my back in good condition and relatively pain free.  I honestly believe that Dr. Michalowski’s care made an incredible difference in how I was able to deal with my pain.  I would recommend Dr. Michalowski to anyone needing chiropractic services.

Mary S.

The therapy I receive is complimented by a very patient and calm professional that really listens...Dr. Gary gives you his undivided attention and never makes you feel rushed...the adjustment and therapy applied is comforting and lasts with a relatively quick remedy.  Thank you Dr. Gary for your time and respect!

Joe M.

I had severe back pain and experienced difficulty walking. A surgeon told me that I have ruptured discs and required surgery. A friend recommended that I first consult Dr. Gary Michalowski and he saw me immediately. Dr. Michalowski evaluated my condition gently made adjustments, applied heat therapy, and guided me through some exercises. By the third treatment session I could notice a difference. I was able to move better with less pain.

I still continue with the exercises, heat therapy and regular maintenance adjustments. I’m pain free and back to jogging three miles a day, 5 days a week. I Haven’t experienced back pain or difficulty walking for over a year.

I certainly recommend Dr. Michalowski.

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