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Matthew S.

I have been associated with Dr. Gary Michalowski for almost thirty years.  My mother is the office manager and co-worker of Gary.  This has been an amazing gift and convenience for me.  Throughout my life, Gary has helped me tremendously, not only as a family friend and someone I have looked up to, but also with my health and well-being.  From torn knee ligaments in football to back pain from construction, Dr. Gary has always been there for me.  I have seen him for just about every body ache I have suffered throughout my life with positive results.  Not only has he helped me personally but I have seen him work miracles in the lives of many, many people with debilitating conditions.  His big heart and calm demeanor are very comforting and relaxing in the treatment room.  His rates are reasonable, most insurance policies cover treatments, and he is always willing to work out payment plans and discounts for those who are less fortunate.  It is definitely not about financial profit but only health, well-being, and healing with this man.  I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Gary Michalowksi for any chiropractic need.  I am forever grateful to have him in my life.

Javier and Bertha M.

Our Testimonial;
"Thank you, Dr. Gary for giving some quality life back to my husband! Our story begins on good Friday 2002 which will forever marked our lives, it was on this day that the phantom of tragedy decided to make a visit in our lives. Javier a soccer player, mountain biker, marathon runner was diagnosed with double pneumonia of which he soon had to be comatose for a period of 6 months in which he was legally declared brain dead, while in a coma he suffered 2 strokes, septic emboli to the brain amongst other critical problems. It was only when he come out of the comatose state that we became aware of the strokes and the septic emboli, as a result he has right side paralysis, speech and vision impediments. It has been a very long road to recovery, after being in numerous hospitals and rehabilitation centers and treatments we continue to fight for a way to recovery. After having to drive long distances for over 6 years I decided to take him for treatments locally it was then that we found Dr. Gary, he has been an Angel sent from heaven, his experience, compassion, sincerity and love for his field of work has made incredible impact in our lives. We had visited numerous chiropractors in the past and no one had taken the interest, patience and time to work through our problems. Javier is in constant pain due to the spasticity in his arms and legs, being his full time caregiver I have issues of my own. Since we have been treated by Dr Gary I must proclaim that the relief that my husband and I feel after the treatments helps us to continue on. Dr. Gary treatments consist of E-stem, Heat, Chiropractic maneuvers as well as a manual decompression machine which provides the most wonderful relief for our spine. After the treatments we feel fully renewed and free of pain. Thanks to Dr Gary our Quality of Life has improved and I can honestly say we are on a road to better life.

I am most grateful to Dr Gary and his approach to correcting skeletal problems, without the debilitating side effects of surgery, prescription medicine and drugs. We have not lost hope we have many dreams in the horizon that still need to be conquered.
Best Regards

Maryann A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Michalowski’s for many years because of chronic musculoskeletal problems. He is a very patient and caring doctor. He does not handle several patients at once, which is a typical practice of other chiropractors. He gives all of his attention to one patient. He will sit and listen to you every time you come in. If there are other problems not related to chiropractic he will advise, or try to find answers for you. Dr. Michalowski truly cares about your whole well being.

Jenna L.

I've been seeing Dr. Michalowski for about 6 years. He has worked on my back pain, hip pain, and issues with chronic urinary tract infections, he has helped me to feel me again! Not only has he treated my physical pain, but he is truly one of the most caring doctors who will listen to you, honestly listen. He is a doctor who wants to get to know his patients in order to help them; he will try beyond his best to make his patients feel great again.

Dr. Michalowski also treated me throughout two of my pregnancies, he helped me to stay in alignment and control my pain during these pregnancies. He taught me stretches and gave me tips on what to do at home in order to stay comfortable. I believe that his treatments throughout my pregnancies helped me to have smooth deliveries. His treatments have allowed me to enjoy my family and job without chronic pain, thank you Dr. Michalowski for all your help!

Frank B.

I would like to express my thanks and share my story with others about the experience I had with Gary Michalowski D.C.

I had a serious injury in October 2012 involving my left hand and shoulder. I was suffering from tingling in left arm and hand, also pain in my left shoulder. After several months of pain and visits to my doctor I called Gary to see if there was anything a chiropractic doctor could do to help with the pain I was having. The pain that I was experiencing was causing a change in my lifestyle. All I was doing was lying around and doing nothing for months. I worked with Dr. Gary Michalowski in treating my left shoulder, upper back and neck; also I had neuroma on my left foot. After about two months of treatment, my tingling in the left hand is gone. Neuroma in the right foot is better and almost gone. I can now walk for an extended period of time without severe pain. Upper back and neck pain is gone. Getting to know Gary has changed my lifestyle and Gary is a great motivator. I am now back to doing the things that I was doing before the accident. I am now exercising twice a week at the gym to strengthen my shoulder.

Sometimes you feel doctors keep you coming back because you are a revenue source. I never felt that way with Gary. Our goal was always to treat my symptoms and scale back my visits to a maintenance schedule so I could maintain the best level of wellness possible.

Again, I would like to thank Dr.Gary Michalowski in getting me back to the person I was before the accident. My treatment will continue with Gary to ensure I stay healthy.

Thank you

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